Installing the DJ-Classifieds quickstart package

Installing the DJ-Classifieds quickstart package

What is DJ-Classifieds quickstart

What is Quickstart?

With  DJ-Classifieds  you can purchase Quickstart  so you'll get access to the quickstart installer package as well.

The Quickstart is the backup (zipped copy) of the demo from our demo server. It comes with Joomla and you install it like regular Joomla installation, after that you get the same effect as on our demo page .

You do not need to configure everything from scratch, the installation is easy and will take a few minutes only. 

Let's see how the installation process goes.

Quickstart download

You need to be logged in to your DJ-Extensions account. Go to downloads section. Click on " Quickstart " and download the package.


Upload the quickstart package to your server.  You can save time by uploading the compressed file and then uncompressing it on the server (if your server allows to). You can also uncompress the file on your desktop and then upload them using FTP.

Create a database.

Joomla requires a database for installation. If you are using a cPanel server, use the MySQL Database wizard to setup.

If your hosting provider does not use cPanel, you'll need to contact them and ask for creating a new database.

Create your database name, database username, and database password. These informations will be necessary later during the installation.


Type your site's address and the installation process will start automatically. 

On the main configuration page, you'll need to select your language, enter a site name and description, also setup your administrative details (such as username, password, and email address).  Choose " Next "to continue.




You need to enter your database information now. When finished, click " Next ".


Now you should mark the " sample_jm demo " option to install sample data.

You can also select " Yes " next to Email Configuration if you want to have a copy of the installation details emailed to you.  

Click the "Install" button to go further.

installation5 1


You should now see a message that t he quickstart was installed successfully.

Do not forget to click the " Remove installation folder " button. 



Let's see how it looks on the frontpage:


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