How to manage invoices?

How to manage invoices?

DJ-Catalog2 component allows to create, manage and generate invoices / proforma documents.
Open the DJ-Catalog2 component in your Joomla administrator panel and go to "Orders":

Here you can easily take actions related to invoices. Let's create a new invoice. Click "New." 

See the available options to define:

 If you want to add a new item and choose whether it's an invoice or proforma document, you need to scroll down to "Status" and choose:

If you choose "New" or "Accepted by a user," you will create a proforma item.

Other options: "Paid," "Confirmed," and "Completed" are purposed for an invoice status.

Here is the list of creating items:

As you can see, we have marked a new "Counters" option. It allows you to edit invoice counters. 
Using this feature, you can define the order of the next invoice numbers.

If you want to export a "PDF" document of the invoice, click the "Invoice" or "Proforma" button like on the example below:
It will generate the file automatically.

See the example view of the .pdf file:

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