How to manage licenses?

How to manage licenses?

Along with the active DJ-Extensions subscription, you get the main Download ID and you can also create and manage an unlimited number of additional Download IDs.  Additional Download IDs can be disabled or deleted any time you want without affecting your main Download ID. You can not unpublish or delete your main Download ID.
Let's see how to manage your license at your user account.
Log in to your user account at
Navigate to "My Account" -> "License Keys".

It's your main view here:

As you can see you have the access to your Main ID but there is also an "Add" button that is purposed for creating other licenses on the list. 
After clicking the "Add" button, a view like this appears:

You need to set the "Title" (for example enter the domain name there), set it as enabled or disabled, and Save or Cancel the entry.
We've created an example item called "Domain Name" and it's visible on the list of licenses:

There are several possible actions that you can take with the new item on the list.

  1. Click the "Name" to edit
  2. Click the icon to copy to license key
  3. Click this button to generate new license key for this item
  4. Delete the item

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