How to select path for storing advert images

How to select path for storing advert images

New parameters in images sections allow setting paths where uploaded DJ-Classifieds images will be stored. You can set paths for adverts, categories and profiles images.


The uploaded images are split to different subfolders to avoid the problem with reaching a maximum number of files per directory.

A new folder is generated for every 1000 items. 

For example if path for advert is 


then images for advert with id 215 will be stored in


for advert with id 1230


for advert with id 2130


For profiles avatars and categories icons the same mechanism is implemented.

Changing path won't migrate already stored images; it will take effect only on newly uploaded images.

To move previously uploaded images to a new directory

  • move via some FTP client files from the old directory to the new one
  • Go to phpMyAdmin and find #__djcf_images table


  • Modify the path column for the suitable type of advert.

For example, if you want to move advert images to folder ' /images/DJ classifieds/items/ ' then run the query

"UPDATE #__djcf_images SET path = '/images/djclassifieds/items/' WHERE type = 'item';"

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