How to set DJ MegaMenu to open/close items on-click

How to set DJ MegaMenu to open/close items on-click

In DJ-MegaMenu you can set the menu items to open and close on-click instead of hover. 

How to enable open/close on-click

Go to the DJ-MegaMenu module and open the DJ-MegaMenu Options tab. Scroll down until you see this section: 
Open and close events settings in DJ-MegaMenu

Available options:

  • Open event
    • Hover - the menu items will reveal submenus on mouse hover
    • Click - the menu items will reveal submenus on click 
    • Click (only separators) - the menu items that are separators will reveal the submenus on click (non-separators will open on hover)
  • Close event
    • Mouse leave - the submenu will close once you leave the cursor from the menu item or submenu
    • Click - the submenu will close only if you click on the menu item or somewhere else on the website

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