How to setup your own criteria

How to setup your own criteria

We will show you how setup own criteria in the DJ-Reviews extension. You can create them for various content types and let your website's users write reviews and rate articles, adverts, or products.
Open the DJ-Reviews component.

Go to "Rating criteria". Open it and click "New".

We define the name of criteria. 

You can also set the "Weight" of each single own criteria. This value will be used to calculate overall rating.

We have created two more rating criterias to better show you how the component works. Our three criterias are: 
  1. Comfort
  2. Engine
  3. Performance

Learn more about the rating criteria from the documentation article.
Creating the own criterias is not necessary if you want to use the DJ-Reviews for a normal content reviews only.
Next step. Go to "Rating groups" and choose "New".

Now you can define the name of your group and several other options. 
You are able to assign a group for each type of content. In this case we assign "Ads" group to DJ-Classifieds items. 
Our ads category in DJ-Classifieds show car ads, so the group in fact will be associated with cars.

Now it's time to assign the criteria to the group. For this purpose you need to use the "Assign fields" button.

See how it works:

Learn more about Rating groups from the documentation article.
Now let's see how it looks on the frontpage. On the picture below you can see the example ad. Scroll down and you find "Add review" button. Use it. 

Now you can write a review. We have implemented an example content and we have rated the ad using our defined criterias. It's important to click "Confirm" after that.

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