How to translate custom fields values

How to translate custom fields values

If you want to translate custom fields values in DJ-Classifieds, follow this few simple steps. We will make an example of translation to show how the process looks like.

Go to DJ-Classifieds and open "Options".

translate fields1

Go to the "Custom fields values to labels" option and set it as "Yes".

translate fields2

Now open the "Fields" in DJ-Classifieds control panel.

translate fields3

Open the field where you want to translate the values. We've created the custom "Color" field.

translate fields4

We've defined five colour values for this field.

translate fields5

They are also visible at the front page. 

translate fields6

Now you can translate them using Language Overrides. More information you can find here.

Let's make an example translation for COM_DJCLASSIFIEDS_YELLOW colour.

Go to Extensions -> Languages.

translate fields7Open the "Overrides".

translate fields8

Click "New" and create a new override.

Set the language constant of the string you want to override and then enter the text you want to display instead of the original one. Click "Save & Close".

translate fields9

 The result is visible at the list of overrides:

translate fields10

 And on the front page:

translate fields11

Values are also visible at the search box (We have translated all values already)

translate fields12

And at the ad details ("red" colour was added for this ad):

translate fields13

 We've used the English language for our translation, but there are more languages available. Each language needs to be installed first.

Installed language you can choose from Filter option.

translate fields14

When creating a new override, you will see that the chosen language is automatically added to the "Language" option. 

translate fields15

The result is visible here:


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