How to update extension using "Update Manager"

How to update extension using "Update Manager"

Updating DJ extensions with a built-in Update Manager makes the whole process really easy and painless.
  1. Go to the component you want to update (make sure your License Key is entered)
  2. On the right side, you will saw the box with information about the actual version.
  3. To update component click button Update.

Updating DJ-MegaMenu and DJ-Suggester

  1. Go to the extension you want to update (make sure your License Key is entered ) (If already, skip step 2 )
  2. If your license is not entered, go to your account on DJ-Extension, copy your license, paste in DJ-MegaMenu and click button “Register”

3. If your extension is already registered, you will get a message about the actual version. If you want an update, click the button to Update to the latest version.

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