How to use DJ-Notifications?

How to use DJ-Notifications?


This plugin has to be installed like any other Joomla extension. 

Configuring the plugin

Let’s start the configuration of the plugin
Go to Extensions > Plugins and find the " System - DJ-Notifications " plugin.  
Enable the plugin, open it, and set all the fields in the plugin, you can test the options using the Debug functionality.

Configuration options

DJ-Notifications plugin settings
  1. Theme - select the theme you want to use (flat, dark, light, adaptive)
  2. Position - decide where to display notifications
  3. Show method   - choose the show method
  4. Hide method  - choose the hide method
  5. Show easing  - select your show easing method of choice 
  6. Hide easing  - select your hide easing method of choice 
  7. Close button  - decide if you want to display the X symbol in the notification
  8. Display icons - decide if you want to display icons
  9. Display headers - decide if you want to display headers
  10. Newest on top   - select if you want to display the notifications
  11. Prevent duplicates  - let the system filter out duplicated notifications
  12. Progress bar  - decide if you want to display the progress bar in the notifications
  13. Time out  - set the time of how long should the notification be displayed
  14. Extended time out  - set the time for the extended time out, this is the time to be set when the user hovers the notification
  15. Load jQuery  - DJ-Notification rely on jQuery if you enable the plugin and see the error message in the frontend - enable this parameter (jQuery is required 
  16. Debug  - when enabled shows the links to see how the notifications work and provide additional information in the console 
  17. Alerts URL    - Error/Warning/Info/Success/All

Examples of the available themes and modes

"Flat" theme

DJ-Notifications flat theme example

"Light" theme

DJ-Notifications light theme example

"Dark" theme

DJ-Notifications dark theme example

"Adaptive" theme

DJ-Notifications adaptive theme example

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