How to use the "DJ-Events - Map" module?

How to use the "DJ-Events - Map" module?

The "DJ-Events - Map" module introduced in DJ-Events 1.1.0 version allows users to display the upcoming or past events on the map (Google Maps).
How to configure the "DJ-Events Map" module? It’s quite easy.
Open your Joomla control panel. Go to “Modules” and find the “DJ-Events - Map”. 

Open it and you’ll see following settings:

As you can see there are many settings to configure. You can choose whether to display upcoming or past events, which category should be displayed, or restrict displayed events to "featured" only.
There are also very useful default Google Maps settings available (latitude, longitude, zoom, marker and custom styles for Google Maps).
The configured map module will display the map with the events on the front page. Take a look at the example: 

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