How user can manage the messages

How user can manage the messages

When the message is sent to the user he will be notified in two ways about the fact. By the indication in the module and with an email (emails templates can be managed in the component's section).
The inbox looks like this: 

Section 1: here users can choose the "boxes".
  1. Inbox - stores the messages received
  2. Sent - stores the sent messages
  3. Archive - a place where the archived messages are stored
  4. Trash - trashed messages
Section 2: this section is responsible for actions on the messages. Each message can be checked with the checkbox. All messages can also be checked at once when the checkbox above all messages is clicked. The available actions:
  1. mark read
  2. mark unread
  3. archive
  4. trash
  5. refresh
The messages can also be sorted by:
  1. subject
  2. name
  3. date
Section 3: search and source of the messages. If the message was sent by the DJ-Classifieds integration (from the "Contact this advertiser" form) the user is able to filter only those messages. This feature is prepared for more sources to be added in future.
Section 4: Messages list. Each message is listed with the name of the sender, subject (title) and the message itself and the date it was sent.

The messages

Once the user opens the message by clicking on it the complete info about the message is displayed along with the form to reply to it: 

Once he replies, the new message is created for the user that sent the original message.

Email notifications

Once a user receives a message in the DJ-Messages the e-mail notification is also sent. 

The email templates can be managed in the Components -> DJ-Messages -> Templates. The administrator can for example not use the [[message]] tag and do not include the message text in the email notification. So the user is more likely to visit the site to read it.

User profile settings for messaging

Each user can define settings related to messaging. The configuration is possible in the user profile edition. 

  1. Accept messages - Choose whether you wish to receive messages from Internal Messaging System
  2. Public profile - Choose whether your profile should be visible to others
  3. E-mail notifications - Choose whether you wish to receive e-mail notifications regarding new messages in your inbox
The website administrator can manage user profiles. Learn more here: How the administrator can manage the DJ-Messages component 

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