I like the idea of tabbed interface, how does it work? How to use PageBreak in DJ-Catalog2

I like the idea of tabbed interface, how does it work? How to use PageBreak in DJ-Catalog2

Not at all! Just add into the product description a page break (by clicking the Pagebreak button) and provide the page title, which will be used as the tab name, and … ta-da - you get a nice tabbed interface, which can be different for each product.

Tabs can be created in the product's full description editor.
To create each tab, you have to:
  1. insert a page break by clicking the 'Page Break' button that is usually located below the editor. The pop-up window will appear
  2. in the popup. You should provide the title for a new tab. The editor will display a horizontal line that separates the product's description from tab contents when you finish.
  3. To create another tab, repeat the whole process.

Each Pagebreak splits the product's description into the main text and tabs' contents. Test it yourself in the online demo.
Note: Remember that DJ-Catalog2 - Pagebreak plugin needs to be enabled.
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