Integration with GDPR component

Integration with GDPR component

GDPR for Joomla! from Storjextensions is an essential tool that helps to have your website compliant with the EU GDPR law.

DJ-Classifieds GDPR plugin allows you to store data from DJ-Classifieds forms in GDPR component:

  • User registration
  • Add advert (for guests)
  • Contact advertiser (for guests)

Let's check the details. 

You can download the plugin (available for active subscribers) here:  GDPR component integration ( 6.29 kB )

First, make sure you have installed and enabled GDPR component and DJ-Classifieds GDPR plugin:

Next, you should enable Privacy Policy and Data protection agreement in DJ-Classifieds options (security tab):

After that new required fields will be visible in several DJ-Classifieds forms.

From now on each guest who will register on site, create an advert or send the message must accept these fields. 

User registration

Information about privacy policy will be stored in Joomla User notes

Add advert 

In Logs of user consents of GDPR component you will find information about new advert:

Contact advertiser

In Logs of user consents you will find also information about guest users who send the message via DJ-Classifieds contact advertiser form:

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