Introducing the new Support Portal

Introducing the new Support Portal

About this Support Portal

Welcome to the new Support Portal to replace multiple systems we used earlier. 
Signup for a new account preferably with the same email you used for your account at and/or the one you used earlier to contact (this is needed so you can see your tickets connected with your email address),

Things you can do

  1. Post in the community area (the forum) - click the "Add topic" button (be sure to be logged in) and select if your post is a question, idea, problem or you want to start a discussion,
  2. Browse the Knowledge Base (currently not all extensions are covered, we're working on it - there is a lot of articles about our extensions, and soon a complete set of documentation and tutorials will be available.)
  3. Add tickets for our support team and browse them in "My area"

Community forum 

The old community forum that's located here: is no longer accepting posts, please use this portal for new posts and topics.
You can still browse it for a limited time under the above address.
Unfortunately, due to system differences, we were not able to migrate the content to the new portal.
Please let us know about any issues or flaws you notice.
Thank you!  

    Please note that a new version of the knowledge base is available at

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