Invoices DJ-Classifieds App

Invoices DJ-Classifieds App

This integration lets you create invoices for your customers for all purchases and payments they did in DJ-Classifieds. 

The idea behind this integration is that you can assign profile fields from DJ-Classifieds profile to fields used by Invoice Manager.

This way, the information you require from your users when posting an advert can be pulled from DJ-Classifieds profile and used for the invoice.

If you want to allow your users to fill all needed invoices when registering, take a look at this tutorial and learn more about the Registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds. 


First, you need to have the Invoice Manager installed and set up.

Invoice Manager is a 3rd party extension you can get here. Please refer to Invoice Manager documentation regarding installation and setup.

Install DJ-Classifieds Invoices App Invoice Manager integration like any other extension by going to Extensions -> Manage and upload the plugin.

DJ-Classifieds settings

We need to create DJ-Classifieds Profile fields (if you don't have them yet) that Invoice Manager will use.

For this tutorial, I've created all fields that are available for Invoice Manager.

This is how it looks like in DJ-Classifieds (Here you can learn how to create custom fields in user's profile ):


Plugin Settings

Now open DJ-Classifieds Invoice Manager integration plugin. 


Assign the previously created fields (from DJ-Classifieds) to proper Invoice Manager fields in the plugin


There are also two other settings you want to take a look:


  • Automatically publish new invoices - set to "Yes" if you want the invoices to be automatically visible to the user on frontend after the payment was confirmed. 
  • Invoice paid status on creation - set to "Paid" if you want the system to automatically change invoice status to "Paid" once payment processor confirms the payment. 

Now enable (1) and save (2) the plugin. 


For now, we have:

  • Created the profile custom fields in DJ-Classifieds
  • Configured and enabled Invoice Manager plugin


Now every user that will edit the profile will see the fields that we've created earlier.


once the profile is saved, you can see it in the user profile


If you want certain fields to be visible only for Administrator and profile owner and not visible for everybody else select "Visible only for admin" when creating the custom field:


Allow your users to see their Invoices.

Now add a menu item for users to let them see their invoices.

Create a new menu item by going to the Menu Manager and clicking "New".

Then click "Select" in Menu Item Type.


Now choose “My Invoices Layout."


Don’t forget to give Menu the title (for example "My invoices”) (1), choose where the menu will be published (2) and click “Save” (3).


The result

Users can now see their invoices in their account. 


Now every purchase your users do is visible in their Invoices page. The invoice may look like this:


  1. Name of the user (Joomla core)
  2. Address (Fields from DJ-Classifieds user profile)
  3. E-mail address (Joomla core)
  4. Vat Id (Field from DJ-Classifieds user profile)
  5. Phone (Field from DJ-Classifieds user profile)
  6. Item name (can be: Advert name, Points Package name or Subscription plan name) 

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