JomSocial integration for DJ-Classifieds

JomSocial integration for DJ-Classifieds

In this tutorial we'd like to show you how to install JomSocial component and plugins for DJ-Classifieds integration.

There will be also info about basic configuration which can help you to show ads on your community stream and your social profile.

JomSocial Installation

First of all, it is required to install the JomSocial extension (we assume that you already have DJ-Classifieds installed).
In the Joomla backend, click on the Extensions menu and choose Extension manager.

Click on the Choose File button, select the package file and click on the Upload & Install button.


The installed component should now appear on the extensions list.


 JomSocial component looks like this after installation 


Plugins Installation

There are two plugins for DJ-Classifieds JomSocial integration available:

  • Jomsocial plugin (displays adverts on user’s profile page)
  • JomSocial Streaming plugin (displays notifications about DJ-Classifieds actions in JomSocial stream)

For all active DJ-Classifieds subscribers both plugins are ready to download here:

The installation process is the same for each of them

In the Joomla backend, click on the Extensions and choose Extension manager.

Click on the Choose File button, select the package file and click on the Upload & Install button.

The installed plugin should appear now in the list of available plugins. Click on the Extensions and then choose "Plugin manager".

plugin manager

Joomsocial plugin configuration

plugin enabled2

This plugin appears on the list. It's enabled. Now let's see it's configuration options.

joomsocial plugin

  • Module latest adverts - show module with latest adverts - yes/no
  • Adverts limit - set the limit of adverts show in module latest

joomsocial plugin advanced


Core application - decide whether the application appears in user profile or no. When it's marked as "no" then user himself still can add this application.

Available positions - you can select from available postions on the list ( content, sidebar top, sidebar bottom). You can choose between three positions and decide where you want to display latest ads. 

JomSocial Streaming plugin configuration

plugin enabled

This plugin also appears on the plugins' list.  Let's see it's configuration options.

plugin community activity stream

  • Enable stream on advert edit - yes/no -choose whether to enable the stream

How the Jomsocial plugin works?

Now when the plugins are installed and configured we can see results on the frontend.

DJ-Classifieds user's profile can contain a link to the JomSocial profile for the same user.

This can be set in DJ-Classifieds Options, in Views tab. 

options profiles2

You can also set the avatar source there. 

options profiles

Here's the link on frontend that would link to JomSocial profile page.

profile social


After clicking Visit social profile button you'll be redirected to JomSocial profile

joomsocial profile

We are using it as example. This profile can be customized to user's needs - refer to JomSocial documentation regarding this.

How the JomSocial Streaming plugin works?

All ads are now visible in user's profile Community tab and in Stream Tab we can check the latest edited ads from this user.

The visible thumbnail is the smallest possible image thumbnail from DJ-Classifieds settings.

 animacja tutorial

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