Maps module

Maps module

The DJ-Classifieds Maps module displays the Google Maps, Baidu Maps, Leaflet Maps with selected locations of the submitted adverts.

Frontend view

Backend view & settings

Let's take a look at the module parameters:

Short description

  • Map Provider - Use different map providers by enabling additional DJ-Classifieds map plugins
  • Module Class suffix - enter the class suffix.
  • Clustering items – clustering items into groups
  • Map width – enter the map width.
  • Map height – enter the map height.
  • Items limit – limit of items shown on the map
  • Fit to Items - Set map's view to show all item's markers
  • Start address from geologic - yes/np.
  • Default address – default position on the map
  • Map type - select type of Google map
  • Start zoom – enter the default zoom level.
  • Ordering – choose the ordering type.
  • Categories - select one or more categories, leave empty to select all.
  • Follow category – show ads from the currently viewed category.
  • Locations - select one or more locations,  leave empty to select all.
  • Follow location - when you are browsing items from a specific location, the map shows only adverts from this location.
  • Types - select one or more types.
  • Follow search results - when you are in search results, map show only adverts from search results.
  • Follow advert address - when the user is in advert details, the map will be centralized on address from this advert.
  • Guest adverts - displaying all adverts or only from registered users
  • Zoom control – enable zoom navigation control.
  • Mouse zoom scrolling – enable mouse wheel zoom scrolling.
  • Places search - allows users to centre map basing on Places search.
  • Default country for places API - enter shortcode of country.
  • Custom map styles - enter the custom code.

  • Show only adverts from registered users - This feature can motivate guests to become registered users. The map can display only adverts from registered users. In this case, guests adverts won't be displayed in the maps module.


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