Menu module

Menu module

The DJ-Classifieds Menu module is a simple module that displays a menu tree with the advert categories.

Frontend view

Backend view

  1. Module Class Suffix - Set the module class suffix.
  2. Parent category - Select parent category
  3. Maximum level - Select All all choose a number from 1 to 10
  4. Link to new ad view - Bottom/Top/No
  5. Ordering -  Ordering/Name
  6. Hide empty categories - Yes/No
  7. Show only current level - Module will show the only current level of categories - Yes/No.
  8. Expand type - Choose between the current path and all categories

Sometimes you need to display the DJ-Classifieds categories menu all over your site, and you want to display one category no matter where on-site the user is. This new feature allows selecting the parent category and just display child categories in the menu.

Open DJ-Classifieds Menu module and select your parent category:  

now the module will display only child elements of the chosen category.

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