Offers DJ-Classifieds App

Offers DJ-Classifieds App

Installation and Configuration

First, you need to install the App. You do it the same way as with any other Joomla extension.

Once the App is installed, go to Extensions->Plugins-> System - DJ-Classifieds - Offers and open the plugin.


  1. Enable the plugin
  2. Save and Close

or find the plugin as described and enable it with a button


That is all you need to do to enable the Offers for DJ-Classifieds.

How does Offers App work?

The Offers App gives you the possibility of making a different kind of auctions.

Once the plugin is enabled, users, when posting an ad will see a new option on the submission form: Offering : Yes/No


Once the " Yes " is selected, and the advert is submitted, buyers can choose to suggest their Offer.

Users can offer their own prices for an item, not necessarily monetary ( for example 500 USD and my old scooter ). This feature can also be used on sites where advertisers post jobs to find someone to hire.


Once the potential buyer places the offer, the advert author gets an email with the Offer details (read below about new email notifications available).

Users can also see Offers actions in their private area.

New DJ-Classifieds views

2 new views can be assigned to the user menu:


Offers received - there is a table with received offers list:


This is the view where the advertiser, who gets offers, can see and manage the received offers.

Once the offer is received and the advertiser gets the email notification, the advertiser can log in to his account and manage the offers by replying to the offer with two options (with the comment) : 

  • Accept the offer
  • Decline the offer

The advertiser can also leave a comment here for the offerer with extra details about the offer realization of declining the offer.

Offers submitted - there is a table with submitted offers.


Here the offerer can see the Offers that he submitted and their statuses.

When the advertiser is reviewing the offer the status seen in this view will be:

  • Waiting for response

When the advertiser confirms or declines the offer, the respective change will be visible in the offerer account:

  • Offer accepted or
  • Offer declined

with the comment from the advertiser.

Also, an e-mail notification will be sent to the offerer to see the reply and decision from the Advertiser.

If the advertiser declined the offer, the offerer can see the advertiser's response and make a new offer that will meet the advertiser's needs.

Backend management

If you want to use offers in your ad, you need to enable it for this ad. Go to tab Offers and select Yes .


Go to Offers to see a list with all offers.



You can customize new notifications using the  Email templates section like any other DJ-Classifieds emails.

Email templates dedicated to the Offers App have IDs:



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