Page Heading Override feature {SEO}

Page Heading Override feature {SEO}

Page Heading is a feature that gives better SEO control over the products. This will allow you to display the product title/heading in several ways.
Normally the product's title will be displayed as H2; you can now control product-wise how the title will be displayed and overrode.
The possibilities are:
  1. Product title as H2 only.
  2. Product title as H1 only.
  3. Custom Page Heading as H1 and regular product title as H2
Starting from version 3.5.4 in product's parameters, you'll find:

New parameter in product settings -> Parameters tab called Page Heading Override - this is where you put your custom heading.

New parameter in product settings -> Publishing tab called Page Heading

  1. Use Global - takes the setting from the global settings.
  2. Show - overrides menu settings and forces the Page Heading to be displayed.
  3. Inherit - takes the setting from the menu item settings.
  4. Hide - hides the Page Heading.

The first scenario is set by default and displays the product title as H2.

The second scenario is when you want to display the product's title as H1

  1. in product settings -> Publishing tab leave Page heading parameter empty
  2. in product settings -> Parameters tab set Page heading to override to "Show."
  3. save settings
Now the product title is H1:

The third scenario is when you want to display the regular H2 title of the product and display another page heading as H1

In this case:
  1. in product settings -> Publishing tab in Page Heading parameter, enter the name of the heading you want to be displayed (in my case, it'll be "TestHeading")
  2. in product settings -> Parameters tab set Page heading to override to "Show."
  3. save settings
Now you have the regular title as H2 and new/extra heading as H1:

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