Private Messages DJ-Classifieds App

Private Messages DJ-Classifieds App

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up DJ-Classifieds to cooperate with UDDEIM component. After applying these operations, users will send messages to each other via the "contact this advertiser" form directly in the advertisement and then follow up using uddeIM only. This is a great way to keep your users on your website!  

For this tutorial, I assume that you already have running  classified ads website , built on DJ-Classifieds component.
Firstly, we will prepare the UDDEIM component. Go to (it’s the official website for downloading UDDEIM) choose the version of component depending what version of Joomla you’re using and download it.
Important : Unzip downloaded file first! The unpacked file structure should look like that:

Uddeim package extracted

Install and enable all needed extensions

Go to Extensions-> Manage-> Choose file (choose ) and click  Upload & Install .

Uddeim installation

You should see the message informing about the proper installation of the plugin.

Uddeim for Joomla successfully installed  

Go again to Extensions-> Manage  and in the same way install and (it’s located in the unpacked package too). 

We’ll install DJ-Classifieds - Message - UddeIM plugin now. Go to Extensions-> Manage-> Choose file-> Upload & Install .

Install DJ-Classifieds Uddeim Plugin  

You should see the message informing about the proper installation of the plugin. 

Uddeim plugin for DJ-Classifieds installed

Now go to Extensions-> Plugin-> DJ-Classifieds - Message - UddeIM  and enable the plugin by clicking on the red cross next to its name.

enable joomla plugin

You should see the message informing about the plugin's proper enabling (do the same with uddeIM Content Link plugin).

DJ Classifieds Uddeim plugin enabled

Set DJ-Classifieds to handle uddeIM

If you want the  communication to be based only on the DJ-Classifieds plugin , go to Components-> DJ-Classifieds-> Options. 

open dj-classifieds options

Now go to Views tab  and select “ Ask seller msg target ” as “ only DJ-Classifieds message plugins ”. Click Save & Close .

joomla save and close

Set the uddeIM module

Go to Extensions-> Modules-> uddeIM Mailbox and set fields as follow:

Uddeim Joomla mailbox

Position : the set position of the module, for example, left column.

Status : Published

Set all fields as “ Yes.

Go to Menu Assignment Tab . Choose the module assignment, for example: On all pages . Click Save and Close .

Save settings

Setup uddeIM

Go to Components-> uddeIM PMS-> E-mail tab and set “ stop e-mail ” as “ no


Click Save .

Additional uddeIM settings 

If you want the setup that all communication is now based only with uddeIM you need to set the following in  Components-> uddeIM PMS-> E-mail


  • Allow e-mail notification: yes. 
  • The default for e-mail notification: Always
  • The E-mail contains the message: no. 

Every time the advertiser answers the question sent via Contact this advertiser form in uddeIM the recipient will receive an email with information about the new message in the mailbox.


That’s it! Let’s check plugin in action. 

Let's assume that Mrs Jane Doe wants to buy Leather Sofa from Mr John Doe. Mrs Jane logged in to the website, and in an advert about Leather Sofa clicked “ Contact this advertiser ” link and filled the question and sent the message.

Uddeim setup

Mr John Doe received a mail that he received a new message.


How does it work? Go to Components-> DJ-Classifieds-> Email templates->Ask form - notification about new message. It’s a template for the message, and the recipient will receive that.
Now Mr John Doe logged into his profile, and he'll see a message from Mrs Jane Doe.

Of course, Mr John can reply to Mrs Jane, and she will see it on her profile.

If you set, the all internal messaging to be handled by uddeIM Mr John Doe will receive a mail informing about the new message in his inbox.

This is a brilliant way to create a user-friendly tool for communication between users. There is one more email template used. It's an internal message that goes to uddeIM. You can edit it, too. Go to Components-> DJ-Classifieds-> Email templates-> Ask form - contact email  and edit this template to fit your needs.

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