Queries / Query Cart

Queries / Query Cart

This feature allows users to see the Query Cart questions when logged in to Joomla with DJ-Catalog2. Query cart works similar to regular cart, but without the option to buy products. Instead of paying for products added to the cart, the user can ask about the products.

First, the user can add to the cart multiple products and then send the question about them (for example, their availability or special price) to the administrator.

The administrator can then check and answer those queries. The administrator of the website can see in the backend. Below you can find a video explaining query cart functionality.

After the submission is made, the administrator receives the email with the query details and can see the queries in the backend by going to Components -> DJ-Catalog2 -> Queries.

Here you can check all the queries made by users.

By entering the query, details Administrator can see all the details of the query.

When a user posts a question about the products, the Administrator will receive an email with details of the query.

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