Rating groups

Rating groups

Rating groups are somewhat similar to categories. You can define different types of content that your users will be able to review and rate.

Rating group list

In DJ-Reviews you can see the list of all the groups when clicking on the respective item in the left menu. This is how the list of the groups looks like:

Rating group details

  1. Name - enter a name of the rating group
  2. ID
  3. Reviews Limit - number of reviews per page
  4. Preview Limit - number of latest reviews displayed on preview page
  5. Average Rating - average rating with vote count
  6. Display User Reviews - display all user's reviews
  7. User login - displays user login/nickname
  8. Display User Ratings- displays rates of each user
  9. Review title - when disabled the title will not be visible in either user reviews list nor submission form. If set to 'required' user will have to fill-in review's title.
  10. Review content - when disabled the message/review will not be visible in either user reviews list nor submission form. If set to 'required' user will have to write a message.
  11. Multiple rating - allows single user to rate the same object more than once
  12. Follow-up messages - allow users to comment single entry more than once
  13. Theme - Choose your theme
  14. Guests avatar - Use default or choose from the list
  15. Registered avatar - Use default or choose from the list
  16. Form layout - Use global / default / plain
  17. Add review button - No / Yes / Only when logged in
  18. Structured data support - enabled support for micro-data/structured data tags compatible with schema.org
  19. Rating criteria - Assign fields
  20. Created Date - Created Date
  21. Created By - the user who created this
  22. Description - enter a description of the rating view

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