With Types, you can determine what label you want to assign to a particular Item.
Reading further, you'll learn:
  1. how to define specific types,
  2. how to give them a look that fits your website
  3. and how they will look on your site.
Also, we'll show you how to configure the search module to search ads through their types.
DJ-Classifieds allows defining unlimited types of adverts (ex. for sale, for rent, exchange, free, etc.).

Types are set in DJ-Classifieds component control panel.

Creating a new Type

Go to Types. Click "New"

When creating new Type, you can set the Name and Status (published or unpublished).

In the "Label Button" tab, you can design your Type. Labels in different colours can mark types. The administrator can customise the style of each label.

Once you're ready for the setup - click Save.
By default in DJ-Classifieds, you'll find predefined Types that you can use right away (you can also disable or delete them).

Adding a Type to DJ-Classifieds item

There are two ways of adding a new item:
  1. From backend as an administrator
  2. From front as a user

Selecting Item's type as an admin

Open DJ-Classifieds control panel and choose "Add item".

Now you can set all necessary details including Type of your item.

Selecting Item's type as a user on the frontend
 When on the frontend, choose the "Post an ad". 

Now, when submitting a new ad, you can add a new item and choose a proper Type.

The selected type will be assigned to selected DJ-Classifieds ad. It happens when you create a single item. On the picture below is an example of one item with defined "For Sale" type.

Search by type

Types can also be assigned to DJ-Classifieds search box. This will allow you to search for items through a specific type.
It is required to enable them first in the search module. Go to Module Manager.

Find the "DJ-Classifieds" search module.

Open it and marked the appropriate fields as "Show".

And the final result you can see on the front view:

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