What to do to get support

What to do to get support

First, make sure that your subscription is active (we can support only active subscribers if your subscription expired you can renew it with an automatic 25% discount). You can check your current subscriptions in "My licenses".

There are few simple rules that will allow us to provide priority support after you purchased premium extension:
1. You have to register the domain you want to receive support for (this applies to extensions: DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Catalog2, DJ-MediaTools, DJ-Reviews, DJ-Tabs, DJ-Flyer).
To do so:
2. Make sure that your Joomla! installation and extension are in the latest available versions (as our extensions are constantly being improved it's needed that your Joomla! as well as extensions, are up to date).

3. If your problem requires us to check your website as well, make sure to provide us:
  • Joomla Super User credentials 
  • FTP credentials
4. Contact us using the form you'll find in the bottom right on our page (the ? button)  or at the Support center page here and preferably use the email address you used for registering on the DJ-Extensions.com website - alternatively provide your License Key if you're using a different email address.
5. If you're not sure what is included in support check terms of use section VI. TECHNICAL SUPPORT.
6. If your support subscription expired - you can renew your subscription 25% off. Check this article: How to extend or renew your subscription? 

If you are Themeforest customer, please check this article.

    Please note that a new version of the knowledge base is available at 

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