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    • How to use DJ-WebP?

      How to use DJ-WebP? Worth to know: DJ-WebP works with any folder on your server. So it's not related to any specific extension. 1. First, ↓download DJ-WebP 2. Install the plugin on your Joomla dashboard 3. After installation, go to Extensions > ...
    • Conditional Fields DJ-Classifieds App

      The principle of conditional fields is simple - when editing a custom field, you can specify a dependency when that field is displayed. The chosen custom field will appear only if a specific value is selected in another custom field.  Conditional ...
    • How to purge the .webp files to see the immediate difference in pictures

      Once you login to the front of your website as an administrator you can purge all images by accessing the URL: [yourwebsiteurl]/?webp_purge=true The exemplary scenario is when you want to change the quality of the .webp images and see the immediate ...
    • DJ-ImageSlider Installation

      Download and install the DJ-ImageSlider from the download section. You install the package as any other Joomla extension. 
    • Overview - DJ-CookieMonster

      DJ-CookieMonster extension is meant for informing your visitors about the cookie policy in Joomla 3.x.